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Giantess Katelyn did not have much time to impress anyone and that is why she chose to use her little time to scare this guy into action. That is exactly what she did by using her giantess fetish to shrink and crush this guy into a tiny man. Once he was tiny, she used her mouth to humiliate and to scare him further and he wished he had never done it.

Mistress Katelyn took a piece of cake and she put it in her mouth while she was on phone with this loser she wanted to scare. She then explained to him that she would crush him and then put him in her mouth the way she had done to the piece of cake. He was like a piece of cake to him and she would not hesitate to do the same. He got scared and did what she expected of him.

Giantess Katelyn wants to show you the inside of her mouth, from the throat, teeth, tongue and even the lips. She wants you to see where you will be headed in a short while

Giantess Nova has a big mouth and she likes to swallow things. She shows you just how big her mouth is and lets you know that it can take all of your dick plus some more

Apart from using her mouth to flirt with guys and make blow job impressions, Katelyn likes to show people what she can do with her mouth. She's also into voyeurism and has a vore fetish which she also likes to show

Katelyn likes flirting with guys by making blow job impressions. She loves oral sex and lives for it. She likes playing with her mouth and show them just how well she can suck on them and it always works

Katelyn has red lips that any guy would like to kiss him and suck on his cock. To show guys what they can get if they get in her good books, she even kisses and bites some candy

Katelyn is beautiful. But she likes to tease with her tongue and her luscious lips. She likes to flirt with girls using her mouth and red lips as opposed to using her tits and her ass. She knows that they can make any guy have a hard on and she uses that to the maximum. Getting her to actually give the blowjob is the hardest bit of it because she does not want to ruin her lipstick.

When Giantess Katelyn is bored, she loves to go outside. She puts on a cute bikini and goes outside to enjoy the sun. She takes her shrunken slave outside with her. She gives him a private peep show. She licks her fingers and plays with her nipples. She shows her round ass. She knows this excites her miniature slave. She gets even closer and puts her slave into her mouth. She knows that it reminds him of being in her pussy. She holds him on her tongue, in the hot and wet cavern of her mouth.

The giant mistress Katelyn loves showing off her massive and sexy teeth. Her lipstick and lip gloss are beautiful and perfect. She loves revealing all the crevices of her sexy mouth to us and licking her lips in an erotic way. Her sharp and massive teeth are perfect for chomping down lots of different things and her wet tongue is great for licking and kissing and eating many types of objects.

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