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Goddess Nika is a big flirt. She likes to turn on guys and then pretend that she did not know what had happened or what she had done. That is what she did to this guy. She had teased him as she sucked ice cream. She did it as if she was sucking a dick and she made the guy feel as if she was attracted to him and she wanted to do it to him. She acted shocked when he approached her.

This mistress knows that good lipstick is a must have. But today she did not have lipstick because she wanted to have fun with it. She had it because she wanted to humiliate this loser. she teased him and when he fell for it, she tied him up and bit him and then smeared all his bite marks with her lipstick and kiss marks. She then dropped him home to his wife.

Mistress Candy is not only sexy, but she knows how to make something as unexciting as smoking become a very hot and sexy thing. And that is what she did today. She was smoking and taking a video of it. She smoked in a sexy manner. Her lips are sexy and she knows how to cover them in lip gloss and lip stick and knows how to tease while smoking her cigarette.

Madame Marissa wanted to try a new of slave punishment. She tied his hands and had him put them behind his head. She then had a field day doing whatever she wanted to him. First of all, she bit him. She bit him all over his upper body because he was shirtless. She did not care how painful or if he would be at risk of infections. Her punishment had to be served and she did not care what happened thereafter.

Lady Fine is a hot mistress with a vore fetish. She likes to swallow and make things disappear into her mouth. This time she made a huge lollipop disappear into her mouth. But that was just a demonstration of what she wants to do to her slaves and losers. She did not want them to say that she did not warn them when she finally starts to punish and torture them. She likes to think of herself as being a fair mistress.

This mistress loves smoking. And she looks hot while doing it. The cigarette looks great on her sexy lips and sexy mouth. And she does it erotically with her wet mouth and tongue and makes you wish you were the cigarette

Katelyn is beautiful. But she likes to tease with her tongue and her luscious lips. She likes to flirt with girls using her mouth and red lips as opposed to using her tits and her ass. She knows that they can make any guy have a hard on and she uses that to the maximum. Getting her to actually give the blowjob is the hardest bit of it because she does not want to ruin her lipstick.

After stumbling upon a little man, she discovered he needs a home. Katelyn puts him in the palm of her hand and tells him exactly what she wants him to do in exchange for him living with her. She allows his to stay but he will be one of her slaves. She licks him and kisses him because he is so tiny and cute. She loves how he feels on her tongue so she wonders how he will feel against something else.

The sexy blonde Russian has pursed her big sexy lips with her deep purple lipstick on. She gets ready for your one and only chance at a kiss so you better get it while the opportunity knocks. The thought gets you so excited that you become hard as a rock and before you know it you have made a mess in your pants. You cum in seconds flat from the thought

This hot giantess dressed only in her flowered panties sees her slave helpless on the table and puts him in her mouth and swallows him alive. The slave cannot fight her off as he is too small and has his hands bound behind his back. The giantess is wearing her ultra red lipstick as she leans down and gives the slave a kiss goodbye before she swallows him up whole

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