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Lisa Jordan is a mistress who likes teasing and flirting. She knows she's gorgeous, has a great figure and her lips are luscious and sexy. She licks the red lips, plays with her tongue and sucks on her finger erotically

Princess Diana has sexy red lips. And she likes flirting with them. She knows how to lick them and as a smoker, she knows how to smoke and suck on the cigarette and make any guy wish it was his dick being sucked

It would be a challenge for any man to be able to stop watching this sexy clip of this hot babe dressed up in nothing but latex. She is wearing beautiful black latex that shows off her sexy body. You can see her perky round tits just aching to pop out of her bra. You can also check out her tight black panties that cover up her wet pussy. Any man would love to kiss this deadly babe on her black lips.

Have a look at the hot babe in this video. She has a beautiful set of pink lips that she certainly does not mind to show off. She puts her sexy lip in her mouth and begins to chew on it with her teeth. She bites her lips while you get to watch. This babe has very sharp teeth and could easily bite down on her lips until they become bloody.

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