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The very sexy redhead Miss Deeane applies her erotic lip gloss to her full lips. The redhead looks very erotic rubbing her mouth together and licking her beautiful lips after putting on her pink shade of lip gloss for you. She rubs her sexy tongue all around her lips getting you very aroused with her beautiful lips and sensual eyes. Miss Deeane loves putting wet gloss on her lips

Sexy redhead Miss Deeane smokes her cigarette very sensually as she dangles it between her sexy red lips. She smokes her cigarette very provocative with various sexy outfits on and different shades of lipstick and nail polish. Her sexy lips stand out as she puffs on her white cigarette as it dangles from her erotic mouth. Miss Deeane is a very sexy smoker and she knows how to move her sexy lips

The very sexy Miss Deanne looks sensual smoking her cigarette in a variety of poses. She wraps her sexy lips around the cigarette and blows a few erotic rings of smoke out of her gorgeous mouth before lighting up again. She looks extremely erotic smoking her white 100's with her captivating eyes and seductive stare. Her thick lips cover the white cigarette leaving erotic red marks around it from her red lips

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