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This very erotic sexy woman puts on a great show as she smokes her cigarette very provocatively puffing on it with her full sexy red lips. She has her gorgeous blue eye shadow on and her very sexy long electric blue nails to scratch you with. This hot blonde teases you as she sucks on her cigarette slowly placing it on her erotic mouth with her long blue fingernails

This sexy doe eyed girl tries on multiple shades of very erotic lipsticks in a wide variety of colors. She uses a lot of hot colors including red, pink and coral on her thick, luscious lips. She just bought 6 new lipsticks to try on and she tries them all on and smiles with her perfect white teeth in a variety of poses. Her sexy lips look mouth watering

This very sexy girl with her very bright red hair an bright red lipstick would like to give you a nice erotic lap dance. You are mesmerized by her very sexy mouth watering lips but it is a dangerous temptation because if she kisses you on the mouth it might just be your demise. Her sexy lime green dress and extremely red lipstick might be too much for you to handle

Watch as this cute girl tease you by brushing her perfect white teeth for your enjoyment. She has perfect oral hygiene as she makes a foamy mess with the toothbrush. She brushes up and down and back and forth all in a very sexy manner. She even brushes her sexy tongue and than spits into the sink. Finally she gargles with her mouthwash and spits out all of her clean saliva

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