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This mistress loves to tease and deny and she did it today by showing off her sexy mouth as she smoked a cigarette. In addition, the mistress also showed off her big tits while wearing only a bra and a thong. The naughty mistress got the guy who was recording her to get turned on but she denied him by telling him she was only interested in the videos and photos.

When Giantess Katelyn is bored, she loves to go outside. She puts on a cute bikini and goes outside to enjoy the sun. She takes her shrunken slave outside with her. She gives him a private peep show. She licks her fingers and plays with her nipples. She shows her round ass. She knows this excites her miniature slave. She gets even closer and puts her slave into her mouth. She knows that it reminds him of being in her pussy. She holds him on her tongue, in the hot and wet cavern of her mouth.

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