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Crawl over here on your knees you loser slave. I want you to kneel at my feet so I can spit in your little piggy mouth. Open wide so I can fill your mouth with my slimy saliva. Close your mouth and swallow it because I'm saving up some more spit for you so I can fill it up again. You swallow every bit of it. I am Herrin Amy and I get what I want.

Lovely, sexy, dark haired vixen, miss Stefanie is here just chewing and chewing on her food, until it becomes a paste. After chewing she will then spit the left over food directly into your gaping mouth. You better eat this yummy spit mixed food up with a smile on your face! You wouldn't want to make Miss Stefanie angry now would you? I know I would be willing to lick her spit food!

Blonde haired, pink lipped Greedy Casandra, slurps and gags this gum in her hot seductive mouth! Watch the cum and saliva mixed in her mouth as she sticks her tongue out at the camera teasing the viewers with her long tongue! This babe is so good with that tongue of hers! I wonder where all that naughty tongue has been! I just love to see her spit and gag on that cum!

Here is a special one-off rarity in which the hypnotic Mistress Casey plays a sexy game with her boyfriend, teasing and kissing him with her long wet tongue and her full sexy lips. She knows that you are watching as she tongues her boyfriend, fantasizing that it was you she was kissing, and she is enjoying the fact that you are watching them - it's really turning her on.

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