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Miss Deeane knows that her lips are what makes her slaves happy. When she wants her slaves to listen, she puts them in her face and takes her red lipstick out. She expertly paints her perfect lips, loving the way they beg to kiss it off her. She smiles and watches as they become uncomfortable. She knows they enjoy watching her pink tongue and white teeth. She loves her powerful lips and tongue.

This sexy brunette lets you take a good look inside of her mouth showing you her Tongue, throat, lips and white teeth. She has got you orally fixated on her beautiful mouth that is ready to suck on your hard cock. Let your cock slide all over her tongue, throat, lips and white teeth as she sucks you dry. She has such a beautiful mouth that is perfect for your cock.

Sexy brunette Giantess Jade sucks on the swirly orange and white ice pop with her thick pink lips. She sucks on the ice pop hard like she is sucking on your stiff cock. Imagine it is your hard cock in her mouth as you feel her tongue tickle, tease you, and youd feel her lips brush up against you. She puts the whole popsicle down her throat and sucks.

This sexy girl with glasses gives you the full tour of her mouth as she opens up to show you her pink tongue, white teeth and uvula. It is a pink, wet, hot fantasy land as you get to look inside her warm wet cavern. You know you want to stick your hard dick in that mouth and let her pink tongue and gums suck on your rod until you explode

Take a look at these luscious black lips being rubbed over seductively by her pink tongue. This girls has got you rock hard with her erotic wet mouth colored in black lipstick and gloss. She is also wearing her dark wig and her dark shades which she takes off to reveal her beautiful blue eyes. She makes you ejaculate in your pants at the sight of her wet tongue

This gorgeous chick knew she would have you rock hard as she sensually rubs her tongue all over her erotic red lips. But she didn't think you'd ejaculate prematurely by the sight of her fire engine red lips being covered by her hot tongue. Of course you want to kiss theses lips all day long but to ejaculate in your pants so quickly was a real turn off for her

This sexy chick gives you an up close look of her sexy wet mouth as she rubs her hot tongue back and forth across her sexy red lips. It is a very sensual display as she rubs her tongue all over her pink lip gloss and flashes her pearly white teeth. Her lipstick looks very sexy on her lips as she erotically spreads her tongue all over her lips for you

Katelyn lets you quench your mouth fetish. She opens wide and let you see deep into her mouth, pass her pink lips, pass the thick saliva and into her throat. See her wet mouth and picture your tongue all down her throat. See her swallowing your tongue and gagging on it like a hard cock.

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