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Apart from using her mouth to flirt with guys and make blow job impressions, Katelyn likes to show people what she can do with her mouth. She's also into voyeurism and has a vore fetish which she also likes to show

You might think that beautiful Giantess Jade is munching on a simple bag of Reeces Pieces. Well think again! Here she explains to you her evil and deadly secret: to shrink down hundreds and thousands of tiny men such as yourself until they are small enough to hide in her candy and then sprinkle them into her mouth whenever she chooses to and swallow them whole, crushing their bodies with her tongue and teeth.

Let your dreams come true and experience what it would be like to be picked as a little tic tac by the beautiful Giantess Katelyn. She picks you up in her huge fingers and lowers you into her hot wet mouth, resting you on her gorgeous rough tongue. Then she describes your slow demise, as you begin to melt away, before finally she can't resist it - she snaps her mouth and crunches you whole!

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