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In this sexy scene, Giantess Katelyn explains just why she has to feed on shrunken men and will not give in even if she feels bad about what she is doing. She proceeds to feed on her prey, telling us just how good it makes her feel to experience his tiny body slipping down her throat and travelling into her stomach where she will digest him in waves of pleasure.

In this hot sequence the sexy and hungry Cathy has decided to snack on a salami and bread sandwich. She lifts the meaty treat towards her mouth and bites down on it, making sure to open her mouth to show you its contents between each bite - sometimes we see all that mashed up bread and meat and other times we see her swallow her food. Just imagine if it was you she was eating.

You might think that beautiful Giantess Jade is munching on a simple bag of Reeces Pieces. Well think again! Here she explains to you her evil and deadly secret: to shrink down hundreds and thousands of tiny men such as yourself until they are small enough to hide in her candy and then sprinkle them into her mouth whenever she chooses to and swallow them whole, crushing their bodies with her tongue and teeth.

Here the unbelievably cute and sexy blonde Princess Diana is chewing up her food to a wet yellow paste just for you. She opens her mouth wide so you can see right inside - past her full pink lips to the wet paste of food swirling around the insides of her young little mouth. She chews it all up and swallows, enjoying the feeling of being your personal sexy food babe.

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