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I know you like my mouth and you imagine it in all kinds of sexy places. I put six different lipsticks and 2 lipglosses on so I can show you the print of my lips in different colors and textures. My full lips spread out on the card and my wet mouth causes imprints that are very sexy, especially if you have a mouth fetish. I always think of different ways to display my mouth for you.

Miss Taylor has a big tongue. She also has full and luscious lips which are as sexy as her mouth is. You can imagine the kind of head she can give with her long tongue, luscious lips and wet mouth. Her long tongue can coil around your hard cock and tighten around it while her lips press against the tips of your penis and rub against it. You will want to scream in pleasure.

This mistress loves to kiss more than anything else. Making out with interesting guys is what she likes best. And she is always prepared and no guy ever says no to her. That is because she has sexy lips. Her lips are full and luscious. She has lipstick and lipgloss which make them shiny and inviting. You will want to kiss the hell out of her if you saw her.

The sexy Sarah Blake moves her tongue back and forth licking her luscious lips full of lipgloss for your viewing pleasure. The pretty redhead loves to lick her edible lipgloss because it tastes so good. you know you want to taste it too. You can't resist that sexy tongue as it moves back and forth across her full lips in an erotic way. She drives you wild licking her lipgloss.

Hot blonde haired, brown eyed Sarah Blake shows off her big pout, as she puts on some nice red lip stick! This babe not only has nice red lips, awesome hair, but she also has some nice stunning tits to top it all off! Look at her wearing that see through black lacey bra of hers! I just love looking at her supple tits through her black bra! I bet this babe is a D for sure!

Watch Jade go on a rampage and ends up with several broken pieces of glass on her luscious lips. You know you wanna kiss those big lips even though they will cut right through your skin. She has a thing for glass buildings and if she doesn't get what she wants she will go on a violent rage. But at least she looks sexy as hell doing it.

Lisa Jordan is a bratty, sexy teen girl with the thickest and most beautiful set of lips that you ever laid eyes on. As she applies the brightest red lipstick and lip gloss to her full and sensuous mouth, you can only look on and imagine that same hot wet mouth kissing you and licking you and swallowing your cock. Wow - Lisa sure knows how to pout that big sexy mouth of hers.

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