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Lisa Jordan has a new addiction and that is her orange lip gloss. do you like? Watch her put it all over her sexy lips and poke her lips out while seductively taunting you with her young breasts. Her white teeth is shown when she smiles at you. She knows what she is doing and is enjoying the torture she is inflicting.

You have made an appointment to visit Lisa Jordan in order to cure your speech impediment, but this bratty and evil babe will cause all sorts of other problems for you as she licks her full and sensuous lips with their luscious coats of shiny lip gloss and wet pink lipstick. You are completely unable to talk as she seduces and humiliates you all with the power of her wet sexy teen mouth.

Here we have Princess Raquel, a spoilt little teen girl who loves to talk dirty to you as she applies her favorite shade of peachy pink lip gloss to her full sexy lips. Then she describes just how she will lick and suck your cock with that full and hot wet mouth of hers, and you can tell that her talk is turning her on just as much as it is you!

Lisa Jordan is a bratty, sexy teen girl with the thickest and most beautiful set of lips that you ever laid eyes on. As she applies the brightest red lipstick and lip gloss to her full and sensuous mouth, you can only look on and imagine that same hot wet mouth kissing you and licking you and swallowing your cock. Wow - Lisa sure knows how to pout that big sexy mouth of hers.

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