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This lovely dark haired, red sexy lipped German slut mistress smokes on this long drag! Watch her suck in hard on that drag as she exhales blowing circles for the camera! I just love looking at her naughty red supple lips! Her and her long sexy nails, You can tell this babe takes very good care of herself and her hygiene. I bet she can work those lips around big rods!

The gorgeous Kira Star paints her full and sexy lips with the brightest shade of red lipstick you ever saw. She knows how much she is turning you on as she slowly and lovingly moves the make up across her mouth, then presses her wet lips against her hand to show off just what an erotic and perfect lipstick kiss she can create - just imagine if it was on you instead!

Here we have Princess Raquel, a spoilt little teen girl who loves to talk dirty to you as she applies her favorite shade of peachy pink lip gloss to her full sexy lips. Then she describes just how she will lick and suck your cock with that full and hot wet mouth of hers, and you can tell that her talk is turning her on just as much as it is you!

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