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Blonde Russian has gorgeous red lips. She puts her lipstick all over her sexy lips as you sit there masturbating your small cock to your greatest sexual fantasy. You dream of kissing those gorgeous red lips and your dreams will ocme true today as you get one kiss on her beautiful lips. But as it turns out it is the most embarrassing moment of your life as you cream in your pants

This hot giantess dressed only in her flowered panties sees her slave helpless on the table and puts him in her mouth and swallows him alive. The slave cannot fight her off as he is too small and has his hands bound behind his back. The giantess is wearing her ultra red lipstick as she leans down and gives the slave a kiss goodbye before she swallows him up whole

This beautiful brunette Gloria shows how sexy it is to smoke cigarettes. Her full and beautiful lips are nude or a luscious red, wrapped around a white cigarette. She shows how to sensually light a cigarette without blocking her sexy face. Gloria also makes one think of all the things she can do with the amazing suction she has. Gloria is the brunette that feels sexier with something in her mouth.

The lovely Miss Deeane loves to paint her thick lips with red lipstick. After she puts her lipstick on, she loves to tease people with the way they look. She wants them to think about the things she can do with her beautiful red lips. She knows she is sexy but with the red lipstick she is even sexier. She loves to show off her luscious lips and make people want to obey her.

This very erotic sexy woman puts on a great show as she smokes her cigarette very provocatively puffing on it with her full sexy red lips. She has her gorgeous blue eye shadow on and her very sexy long electric blue nails to scratch you with. This hot blonde teases you as she sucks on her cigarette slowly placing it on her erotic mouth with her long blue fingernails

The blonde and brunette duo Olga and Paulina play with their toy cock as thy rub the head of the cock all over their sexy red lips. They apply their red lipstick on their full sexy lips and lick the head fof the cock and put it into their mouths. The girls are dressed in their bra and panties and sexy stockings as they put the cock all around their hot lips.

Sexy redhead Miss Deeane smokes her cigarette very sensually as she dangles it between her sexy red lips. She smokes her cigarette very provocative with various sexy outfits on and different shades of lipstick and nail polish. Her sexy lips stand out as she puffs on her white cigarette as it dangles from her erotic mouth. Miss Deeane is a very sexy smoker and she knows how to move her sexy lips

This gorgeous chick knew she would have you rock hard as she sensually rubs her tongue all over her erotic red lips. But she didn't think you'd ejaculate prematurely by the sight of her fire engine red lips being covered by her hot tongue. Of course you want to kiss theses lips all day long but to ejaculate in your pants so quickly was a real turn off for her

This sexy chick gives you an up close look of her sexy wet mouth as she rubs her hot tongue back and forth across her sexy red lips. It is a very sensual display as she rubs her tongue all over her pink lip gloss and flashes her pearly white teeth. Her lipstick looks very sexy on her lips as she erotically spreads her tongue all over her lips for you

This sexy blonde girl is teasing you with her sexy red lips. Watch as she puts provocatively puts her red lipstick on her beautiful full lips. You can't help yourself you just want to kiss those red lips don't you. But if you do you'll be in trouble because her lips are pure poison and they might just kill you. Do you want to take a chance on her sexy lips?

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