Mouth Fetish Girls

Sexy female mouths

Mistress Gloria is a sexy brunette mistress who is wearing sexy mauve lip stick that knows you can not stop starring at her. She knows that you are drawn to her thick lips and that no matter how hard you try you are not able to look away. You are under the spell of her lips and you are willing to do whatever she asks of you no matter what she asks.

This sexy brunette mistress is wearing a pair of glasses as she sticks out her tongue and shows off her tongue ring. She then sticks out her tongue even farther so that you can look deep down her throat. She even shows off her tonsils and uvula. She knows that you are looking into your her mouth and throat and you are thinking that you want to slide your hard cock deep into her open throat and slide it in and out as you get off.

This sexy blonde babe is wearing bright red lip stick that makes her thick lips glow. She knows that you have been dreaming about getting a kiss from those red lips night and night and tonight she is going to make your dreams come true. You are going to get one kiss tonight and when she leans forward she notices that you are rock hard. When she leans in for the kiss you blow your load and become an premature embarrassment.

This sexy blonde mistress has baby blue eyes the kind that peer into your soul. She has put on some new lipstick and she wants to know what you think about it. Her lips are covered in bright red lip stick that makes her entire face light up. She knows that nobody can resist her bright red lips, not even you and she knows that you are soon going to fall for her dangerous temptation.

Blonde Russian has gorgeous red lips. She puts her lipstick all over her sexy lips as you sit there masturbating your small cock to your greatest sexual fantasy. You dream of kissing those gorgeous red lips and your dreams will ocme true today as you get one kiss on her beautiful lips. But as it turns out it is the most embarrassing moment of your life as you cream in your pants

This gorgeous giantess hypnotizes her little man by swinging the crystal in front of making him of thinking of jumping into her hot mouth. The giantess has total control over his little brain and picks the little man up gives him a kiss goodbye with her thick red luscious lips and then puts him inside her mouth where she swallows him whole. It is the final resting place for him

Sexy Miss Deeane chews her juicy fruit bubblegum very sexy showing off her thick red lips. She chews the gum with her white teeth chomping together mashing it up in her hot mouth. You know you want to stick your cock between those sexy lips but Miss Deeane will never let you. Instead she teases you as she slowly chomps on her juicy fruit bubblegum between her teeth and hot mouth

The sexy blonde Russian has pursed her big sexy lips with her deep purple lipstick on. She gets ready for your one and only chance at a kiss so you better get it while the opportunity knocks. The thought gets you so excited that you become hard as a rock and before you know it you have made a mess in your pants. You cum in seconds flat from the thought

This hot giantess dressed only in her flowered panties sees her slave helpless on the table and puts him in her mouth and swallows him alive. The slave cannot fight her off as he is too small and has his hands bound behind his back. The giantess is wearing her ultra red lipstick as she leans down and gives the slave a kiss goodbye before she swallows him up whole

This beautiful brunette Gloria shows how sexy it is to smoke cigarettes. Her full and beautiful lips are nude or a luscious red, wrapped around a white cigarette. She shows how to sensually light a cigarette without blocking her sexy face. Gloria also makes one think of all the things she can do with the amazing suction she has. Gloria is the brunette that feels sexier with something in her mouth.

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