Mouth Fetish Girls

Sexy female mouths

Giantess Daisy shows you all of her sexy parts close up as she gives you a good look at every inch of her beautiful body. First you get to admire her face by following the trace of her sexy red fingers to her eyes, nose, lips, mouth, and each ear. You then get to admire her sexy red painted toes as she curves each foot and shows it off.

This sexy Polish mistress bites you with her perfect white teeth as she clamps down on your skin leaving indentations and bite marks. Her bite is vicious as she takes a big bite out of you and leaves heavy marks on your skin. She shows off her pretty red lips as she bites you like a vampire in the night. Next she will bite your face and your cock.

Katelyn is a woman that knows what she loves and she loves to put things in her mouth. She knows that men can't get beyond her banging body and pretty face but when they see her lips, they melt. She finds a blade of grass and can't help but put it in her mouth. She loves to feel of it sliding across her tongue, tickling her lips. She loves playing with it and getting turned on by a single blade of grass.

She knows that her slave gets off on watching her. She loves that he can't look away when she is putting on her lipstick. As a reward, she buys a new tube of pink lipstick. She gets in her mirror and begins to put it on. She lines her perfect lips and applies the lipstick with an expert hand. She knows her slave is watching. She knows that his dick is hard. He just doesn't know that she has no intention of letting him find relief.

There are some things that are cute but these pretty pink lips are a total turn on. This brown eyed beauty knows that she is attractive but she knows that isn't her only draw. She loves putting on lipstick and lip glass because it turns men on. She loves licking her lips, tempting them to lean in for a kiss. She loves looking at them watch her lips, watching their dicks get rock hard.

After stumbling upon a little man, she discovered he needs a home. Katelyn puts him in the palm of her hand and tells him exactly what she wants him to do in exchange for him living with her. She allows his to stay but he will be one of her slaves. She licks him and kisses him because he is so tiny and cute. She loves how he feels on her tongue so she wonders how he will feel against something else.

This sexy girl with glasses gives you the full tour of her mouth as she opens up to show you her pink tongue, white teeth and uvula. It is a pink, wet, hot fantasy land as you get to look inside her warm wet cavern. You know you want to stick your hard dick in that mouth and let her pink tongue and gums suck on your rod until you explode

The man who has abused his girlfriend suffers a great demise at the hands of sexy giantess Katelyn. The hot giantess pulls the little man out of her cleavage and then chomps on a yellow gummy bear to give him a demonstration of what will happen to him. His fate is sealed as Katelyn throws him into her mouth ridding the world of one more abusive man. Power to all women!

This sexy blonde wears her blue eye shadow and various shades of lipstick to get your dick hard. She wears purple, blue and red devil lipstick to turn you on as she purses her lips to give you a solid erection in your pants. she controls your mind and your cock with her lips and has cum control over you letting you when and where you are able to cum for her.

This sexy nun with her stockings and black thong on shows off her red lipstick in he rbedroom. You know you are getting weak and excited in your pants as you gaze at her her red lipstick and stare at black leather and black pumps on. Nobody is able to resist her scandalous lips as she shows them off in her sexy nun outfit with her lingerie on

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