Mouth Fetish Girls

Sexy female mouths

Taking a break from work Nikki walks outside. She seductively puts the cigarette in between her sexy lips and light it up. She looks on with an animal stare getting her cigarette lit. Smoke slowly and seductively bellows out of her mouth exposing her pretty white teeth. Her sexy tongue sweeps over her luscious lips.

Lisa Jordan has a new addiction and that is her orange lip gloss. do you like? Watch her put it all over her sexy lips and poke her lips out while seductively taunting you with her young breasts. Her white teeth is shown when she smiles at you. She knows what she is doing and is enjoying the torture she is inflicting.

Katelyn lets you quench your mouth fetish. She opens wide and let you see deep into her mouth, pass her pink lips, pass the thick saliva and into her throat. See her wet mouth and picture your tongue all down her throat. See her swallowing your tongue and gagging on it like a hard cock.

Lady Anja has her lips covered in a flavored pink gloss and wants you to kiss them. Well maybe, she is such a tease. As you get closer she pushes in her sexy lips and sticks out her middle finger. Her smile is bright with her white teeth. This bratty teen knows how to tease and knows exactly what she is doing.

For being the bad little doggie that you are Lady Melissa is going to use you as her personal spit bowl. Open wide if you have a mouth fetish. See saliva drip off of her sexy lips. Swallow the giant spit wade and feel the hot spit slide down your throat. Now open wide for another one!

Shiny sexy lips entices you to want to mouth fuck this hot ass babe until her red lipstick is spread all over every part of your naked body. She blows kisses with her lips and her matching gloves and seductive outfit. Her seductive eyes calls out to you and make you want to kiss those wet lips.

The sexy giantess Katelyn has decided once and for all to show you how to French kiss as she is getting pissed off by your pathetic attempts. So first she shrinks you into a tiny little man, then she puts you all the way inside her mouth, swirling you round with her massive wet tongue and pressing you against her full lips and hot wet insides. Then she decides to swallow you whole.

Here is a special one-off rarity in which the hypnotic Mistress Casey plays a sexy game with her boyfriend, teasing and kissing him with her long wet tongue and her full sexy lips. She knows that you are watching as she tongues her boyfriend, fantasizing that it was you she was kissing, and she is enjoying the fact that you are watching them - it's really turning her on.

In this sexy scene, Giantess Katelyn explains just why she has to feed on shrunken men and will not give in even if she feels bad about what she is doing. She proceeds to feed on her prey, telling us just how good it makes her feel to experience his tiny body slipping down her throat and travelling into her stomach where she will digest him in waves of pleasure.

You have made an appointment to visit Lisa Jordan in order to cure your speech impediment, but this bratty and evil babe will cause all sorts of other problems for you as she licks her full and sensuous lips with their luscious coats of shiny lip gloss and wet pink lipstick. You are completely unable to talk as she seduces and humiliates you all with the power of her wet sexy teen mouth.

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