Mouth Fetish Girls

Sexy female mouths

Hot blonde haired, brown eyed Sarah Blake shows off her big pout, as she puts on some nice red lip stick! This babe not only has nice red lips, awesome hair, but she also has some nice stunning tits to top it all off! Look at her wearing that see through black lacey bra of hers! I just love looking at her supple tits through her black bra! I bet this babe is a D for sure!

This lovely dark haired, red sexy lipped German slut mistress smokes on this long drag! Watch her suck in hard on that drag as she exhales blowing circles for the camera! I just love looking at her naughty red supple lips! Her and her long sexy nails, You can tell this babe takes very good care of herself and her hygiene. I bet she can work those lips around big rods!

Blonde haired, pink lipped Greedy Casandra, slurps and gags this gum in her hot seductive mouth! Watch the cum and saliva mixed in her mouth as she sticks her tongue out at the camera teasing the viewers with her long tongue! This babe is so good with that tongue of hers! I wonder where all that naughty tongue has been! I just love to see her spit and gag on that cum!

Katelyn's plump sexy lips are covered with multi colored candy beads. They tempt you to want to devour those sexy lips among other things, her white teeth bites down on her bottom lip intensifying her sexiness and erotic look. Saliva forms in your mouth as you keep watching this giantess tease you with her thick lips.

Everything on this mistress is sexy as hell. But what really gets your attention is those red lips that she has poking out. Lisa spreads bright red lipstick over her lips then teases you with her wet mouth. Her white teeth shows as she smiles seductively at you. She knows you want her thick lips all over your hard cock.

Lady Lana is all dolled up and ready to go out. Her look is impeccable and erotic. Glistening gems are glued by her eyes making her sexy grey color of her eyes pop out even more. They have a smoky color to them. Her plump lips are colored with a black lipstick and some of it gets on her cigarette as she smokes.

Watch Jade go on a rampage and ends up with several broken pieces of glass on her luscious lips. You know you wanna kiss those big lips even though they will cut right through your skin. She has a thing for glass buildings and if she doesn't get what she wants she will go on a violent rage. But at least she looks sexy as hell doing it.

Lady Juely knows that her mouth is juicy and everybody wants a bite of them or nibble but watch out she might bite back. Her sexy lips pokes out as she puts on her cinnamon colored lip gloss. Anyone with a mouth fetish will freak out when they see her thick lips talk or smile. White teeth are underneath.

Taking a break from work Nikki walks outside. She seductively puts the cigarette in between her sexy lips and light it up. She looks on with an animal stare getting her cigarette lit. Smoke slowly and seductively bellows out of her mouth exposing her pretty white teeth. Her sexy tongue sweeps over her luscious lips.

Lisa Jordan has a new addiction and that is her orange lip gloss. do you like? Watch her put it all over her sexy lips and poke her lips out while seductively taunting you with her young breasts. Her white teeth is shown when she smiles at you. She knows what she is doing and is enjoying the torture she is inflicting.

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