Mouth Fetish Girls

Sexy female mouths

As the beautiful and sexy Jenny slurps on her big hard lolly pop you can hear the wet sloppy sounds her mouth makes and imagine that her tongue was running up and down you instead. This hot beauty knows just how to suck on things, filling her mouth to the brim with the hard stick and wrapping her full thick lips around its girth. She is really enjoying herself.

Here we have Princess Raquel, a spoilt little teen girl who loves to talk dirty to you as she applies her favorite shade of peachy pink lip gloss to her full sexy lips. Then she describes just how she will lick and suck your cock with that full and hot wet mouth of hers, and you can tell that her talk is turning her on just as much as it is you!

Let your dreams come true and experience what it would be like to be picked as a little tic tac by the beautiful Giantess Katelyn. She picks you up in her huge fingers and lowers you into her hot wet mouth, resting you on her gorgeous rough tongue. Then she describes your slow demise, as you begin to melt away, before finally she can't resist it - she snaps her mouth and crunches you whole!

Lisa Jordan is a bratty, sexy teen girl with the thickest and most beautiful set of lips that you ever laid eyes on. As she applies the brightest red lipstick and lip gloss to her full and sensuous mouth, you can only look on and imagine that same hot wet mouth kissing you and licking you and swallowing your cock. Wow - Lisa sure knows how to pout that big sexy mouth of hers.

Oh dear, look at poor little Frankie - he's been captured by the evil Giantess Deeane, a massive woman who likes nothing better than to play with and tease her captives, brushing them and licking them against her full sensuous mouth, thick lips and wet tongue before pushing them all the way into her mouth and throat, swirling them round in her hot wet spit before swallowing them whole.

In this hot and steamy clip we go close up as Lady Anja applies a thick and slick layer of lip gloss direct to her full wet lips. As he opens her mouth and pouts to better apply the makeup you can glimpse all the way in for a moment, seeing her wet pink tongue and cute white teeth, and feeling the hot wet breath on your face as she sighs with pleasure.

The Exoductress smokes a cigarette and you can see her sexy lips close up the whole time. She put on pink lipstick and her lips look so sexy combined with her perfect white teeth. This financial dominatrix knows how to tease a man with her sexy lips.

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