Mouth Fetish Girls

Sexy female mouths

This sexy chick gives you an up close look of her sexy wet mouth as she rubs her hot tongue back and forth across her sexy red lips. It is a very sensual display as she rubs her tongue all over her pink lip gloss and flashes her pearly white teeth. Her lipstick looks very sexy on her lips as she erotically spreads her tongue all over her lips for you

The sexy Goddess Katrina Von Bad stares in her little vanity mirror and puts lip gloss on her sexy full red lips. This gorgeous woman is mesmerized by her own striking appearance and can't help but kiss her sexy full red lips in the mirror. Her mouth watering thick red lips are not only a turn on to her many fans but also to Katrina herself. It's a very erotic scene

You seek a solution for your chronic masturbation habit and you visit therapist Dr. Celine for some help. This sexy blonde dressed in her tight red dress and wearing blue lipstick comes to the conclusion that you are a pathetic loser whose lot in life is to chronically jerk off. But you don't hear a word she says. Instead your cock stiffens at the sight of her luscious full blue lips

This sexy doe eyed girl tries on multiple shades of very erotic lipsticks in a wide variety of colors. She uses a lot of hot colors including red, pink and coral on her thick, luscious lips. She just bought 6 new lipsticks to try on and she tries them all on and smiles with her perfect white teeth in a variety of poses. Her sexy lips look mouth watering

The very sexy Miss Deanne looks sensual smoking her cigarette in a variety of poses. She wraps her sexy lips around the cigarette and blows a few erotic rings of smoke out of her gorgeous mouth before lighting up again. She looks extremely erotic smoking her white 100's with her captivating eyes and seductive stare. Her thick lips cover the white cigarette leaving erotic red marks around it from her red lips

This very sexy girl with her very bright red hair an bright red lipstick would like to give you a nice erotic lap dance. You are mesmerized by her very sexy mouth watering lips but it is a dangerous temptation because if she kisses you on the mouth it might just be your demise. Her sexy lime green dress and extremely red lipstick might be too much for you to handle

Check out this sexy redhead babe with her full lips covered in some beautiful lipstick that really make her sexy lips stand out that much more. Next, she pulls out her pack of cigarettes and begins smoking, inhaling some of the yummy smoke deep into her lungs. As she sits back and puffs on her cigarette, she is completely naked, showing off her tits and her nice wet pussy, but you can't see.

Have a look at this sexy blonde nerd that decides she is going to put on some lipstick just for you. Her lips are so beautiful with that pink shade on. Just look at her full lips as she puts it on. She is even blowing kisses right at you while she puts on her lipstick. Wouldn't you just love to come into the room, wraps your arms around her and kiss her sexy lips?

This sexy woman with red hair has some very round and full lips that she wants to show off in front of the camera. She pulls some nice red lipstick out of her purse and decides to start applying it in front of the camera. She wants you to watch her decorate her round lips. Could you imagine those sexy lips wrapped around your hard cock while she looks into your eyes?

Check out this hot blonde babe with some short hair and some red lipstick. She lights up a cigarette then puts it in her mouth. She loves the feeling of puffing on a cigarette. You could only imagine if this was your cock she was putting in her mouth and began puffing on. She feels the hot air going in her lungs and then she exhales it and it feels so good.

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