Mouth Fetish Girls

Sexy female mouths

When Giantess Katelyn gets tired of her slaves, she puts him in a vat of chocolate. She is happy to watch him disappear into the oceans of chocolate. As soon as the homemade chocolate bars are cooled, she puts pieces into her mouth. She loves the feeling of him going down her throat and satisfying her. She knew that he was a slave that could help her get through the fiercest cravings of her life.

There are times that she has to bite to get her point across. This sexy mistress knows that a shock of pain can deliver her message. She grabs her shiny pink lip gloss and dresses her beautiful lips. As her slave passes her, she grabs his arm and sinks her beautiful white teeth into him. She loves to hear him howl in pain and ask why he is being punished.

She knows her slaves love to think about the way her mouth feels. They want to shove their tongues and dicks in her mouth but they can't. When she wants to tease and play with them, she opens her mouth. She shows them how even her teeth are and how pink her tongue is. She knows they want her to suck their body into her mouth and keep them wet and warm.

Miss Deeane knows that her lips are what makes her slaves happy. When she wants her slaves to listen, she puts them in her face and takes her red lipstick out. She expertly paints her perfect lips, loving the way they beg to kiss it off her. She smiles and watches as they become uncomfortable. She knows they enjoy watching her pink tongue and white teeth. She loves her powerful lips and tongue.

This sexy giantess is going to show to you what she could easily do to your pathetic little nuts. She rubs this blueberry all over her sexy pink lips. She puts the berry into her mouth, rolling it around all over her pink tongue. While she does this, she rubs all over her slender neck. She then crushes the blueberry with her sharp teeth. This is what she would do to a little shrunken slave like you.

It would be a challenge for any man to be able to stop watching this sexy clip of this hot babe dressed up in nothing but latex. She is wearing beautiful black latex that shows off her sexy body. You can see her perky round tits just aching to pop out of her bra. You can also check out her tight black panties that cover up her wet pussy. Any man would love to kiss this deadly babe on her black lips.

Have a look at the hot babe in this video. She has a beautiful set of pink lips that she certainly does not mind to show off. She puts her sexy lip in her mouth and begins to chew on it with her teeth. She bites her lips while you get to watch. This babe has very sharp teeth and could easily bite down on her lips until they become bloody.

This sexy blonde giant is going to show you exactly how she likes to have her mouth cleaned. She is going to shrink your pathetic ass and you will have to live inside of her mouth for the rest of your life. She is standing in the bathroom while she is wearing sexy clothes. She's dressed in a red bra that presses firmly against her round tits. She's also wearing sexy red panties, as well. While she shows off her body, she is going to show you how she wants her mouth cleaned once you're in her mouth.

Katrin is a slave that loves to have things inserted into her wet mouth. She is begging to find a master that will treat her well and give her exactly what she wants. She knows most masters will give her a treat when she behaves well and her favorite treat is to have a large object in her wet mouth to suck. She loves to suck her master's fingers, hands and cock.

When Giantess Katelyn decides to do something, she does it well. She wants her new slaves to focus on her luscious lips and wet mouth. She puts the slaves she has shrunken onto her pink tongue and swallows them. As soon as she has her new slave's attention, she swallows the tiny men and blows kisses to him. She loves the way his eyes are following her lip gloss covered lips.

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