Mouth Fetish Girls

Sexy female mouths

Two Giantesses, Deeane and Gloria tease and devour a tiny shrunken man. They play with the little man first resting him on their thick lips and sexy mouth. After laughing at the shrunken man they finally stop teasing and the little man is swallowed alive.

If you have a lip fetish you are definitely going to love this clip. Just look at this hot brunette babe and her beautiful sexy lips that she will allow you to look at. You can only imagine what it would be like to press your lips against her full thick lips. Just imagine those lips wrapped around your hard cock as you thrust in and out of her mouth.

Check out this hot princess babe with some short hair showing off her nice pouty lips to the camera. She has some sexy lips and she just loves showing them off whenever she gets the chance. Watch as she puts on her lipstick and lip gloss. Just imagine that is your hard cock she is taking inside of her hand and rubbing it against her thick lips. Could you just imagine how good that would feel?

This hot brunette babe just loves puffing on her cigarette with her beautiful full lips. She knows how to suck a cigarette down with those things and she is always putting them to good use. Watch her smoke a cigarette as she shows off in all sorts of different clothing. As she smokes, you can see her big breasts expanding with every single inhale. Just imagine what kissing her would taste like.

Lovely blonde vixen, Miss Alyssa. Look longingly into her deep blue eyes, how can you deny her request? She wants you, yes you stud, to apply some lipstick on her thick, plump, wet lips! Take the tube out now and roll the lipstick up and apply it slowly, ever so slowly upon her tender luscious lips. You may even slide your hand down your pants while you apply this lovely lip do.

Lovely, sexy, dark haired vixen, miss Stefanie is here just chewing and chewing on her food, until it becomes a paste. After chewing she will then spit the left over food directly into your gaping mouth. You better eat this yummy spit mixed food up with a smile on your face! You wouldn't want to make Miss Stefanie angry now would you? I know I would be willing to lick her spit food!

Lovely short brown haired, brown eyes Miss Deanne enjoys herself a pink and tan lollipop, cherry flavored! Watch her roll her long soft supple tongue all over this sucker, taking in its warm juices in between her lovely lips! This babe Miss Deanne takes pleasure out of making her viewers quiver at the sight of her lips, tongue, and her nice perfectly shaped teeth! Watch her suck on that sucker!

Hot blonde haired, brown eyed Sarah Blake shows off her big pout, as she puts on some nice red lip stick! This babe not only has nice red lips, awesome hair, but she also has some nice stunning tits to top it all off! Look at her wearing that see through black lacey bra of hers! I just love looking at her supple tits through her black bra! I bet this babe is a D for sure!

This lovely dark haired, red sexy lipped German slut mistress smokes on this long drag! Watch her suck in hard on that drag as she exhales blowing circles for the camera! I just love looking at her naughty red supple lips! Her and her long sexy nails, You can tell this babe takes very good care of herself and her hygiene. I bet she can work those lips around big rods!

Blonde haired, pink lipped Greedy Casandra, slurps and gags this gum in her hot seductive mouth! Watch the cum and saliva mixed in her mouth as she sticks her tongue out at the camera teasing the viewers with her long tongue! This babe is so good with that tongue of hers! I wonder where all that naughty tongue has been! I just love to see her spit and gag on that cum!

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