Mouth Fetish Girls

Sexy female mouths

Shiny sexy lips entices you to want to mouth fuck this hot ass babe until her red lipstick is spread all over every part of your naked body. She blows kisses with her lips and her matching gloves and seductive outfit. Her seductive eyes calls out to you and make you want to kiss those wet lips.

The sexy giantess Katelyn has decided once and for all to show you how to French kiss as she is getting pissed off by your pathetic attempts. So first she shrinks you into a tiny little man, then she puts you all the way inside her mouth, swirling you round with her massive wet tongue and pressing you against her full lips and hot wet insides. Then she decides to swallow you whole.

Here is a special one-off rarity in which the hypnotic Mistress Casey plays a sexy game with her boyfriend, teasing and kissing him with her long wet tongue and her full sexy lips. She knows that you are watching as she tongues her boyfriend, fantasizing that it was you she was kissing, and she is enjoying the fact that you are watching them - it's really turning her on.

In this sexy scene, Giantess Katelyn explains just why she has to feed on shrunken men and will not give in even if she feels bad about what she is doing. She proceeds to feed on her prey, telling us just how good it makes her feel to experience his tiny body slipping down her throat and travelling into her stomach where she will digest him in waves of pleasure.

You have made an appointment to visit Lisa Jordan in order to cure your speech impediment, but this bratty and evil babe will cause all sorts of other problems for you as she licks her full and sensuous lips with their luscious coats of shiny lip gloss and wet pink lipstick. You are completely unable to talk as she seduces and humiliates you all with the power of her wet sexy teen mouth.

In this hot sequence the sexy and hungry Cathy has decided to snack on a salami and bread sandwich. She lifts the meaty treat towards her mouth and bites down on it, making sure to open her mouth to show you its contents between each bite - sometimes we see all that mashed up bread and meat and other times we see her swallow her food. Just imagine if it was you she was eating.

In this luscious and erotic clip, the beautiful Dangerous Kitty shows you why she is considered so hot. She has painted her lips in a sexy silver color and blows kiss after kiss towards you, her eyes half closed in lust and her wet sexy mouth making the most beautiful smacking sound. You can tell that she is thinking such dirty sexy things as her full wet lips pout and kiss.

You might think that beautiful Giantess Jade is munching on a simple bag of Reeces Pieces. Well think again! Here she explains to you her evil and deadly secret: to shrink down hundreds and thousands of tiny men such as yourself until they are small enough to hide in her candy and then sprinkle them into her mouth whenever she chooses to and swallow them whole, crushing their bodies with her tongue and teeth.

Here we have the beautiful and delicious brunette Jenny, slurping away on a long hard lolly pop. You can tell that she is probably pretending it was a hard cock, the way she runs her tongue up and down it and makes such delicious smacking and swallowing sounds with her full wet mouth. Just watch as she wraps her lips around it in this intensely pleasurable and erotic mouth fetish scene.

Oh no - Giantess Deeane has found another poor victim. She just loves the flavor of tiny men such as him. The evil giantess lifts him to her mouth and teases him, brushing him against her tongue. He knows his life is up and that soon she will be enjoying the delicious flavor of another little man as she cruelly wraps her giant lips around his whole body and begins to crunch.

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