Mouth Fetish Girls

Sexy female mouths

Miss Taylor has a big tongue. She also has full and luscious lips which are as sexy as her mouth is. You can imagine the kind of head she can give with her long tongue, luscious lips and wet mouth. Her long tongue can coil around your hard cock and tighten around it while her lips press against the tips of your penis and rub against it. You will want to scream in pleasure.

This mistress loves to kiss more than anything else. Making out with interesting guys is what she likes best. And she is always prepared and no guy ever says no to her. That is because she has sexy lips. Her lips are full and luscious. She has lipstick and lipgloss which make them shiny and inviting. You will want to kiss the hell out of her if you saw her.

Katelyn is beautiful. But she likes to tease with her tongue and her luscious lips. She likes to flirt with girls using her mouth and red lips as opposed to using her tits and her ass. She knows that they can make any guy have a hard on and she uses that to the maximum. Getting her to actually give the blowjob is the hardest bit of it because she does not want to ruin her lipstick.

One of Lady Morrigan's assets is her tongue. She likes to tease guys with it and she can twirl it and twist it like no one else can. And guys like to imagine what that magic tongue, sexy lips and wet mouth can do to their hard cocks. She always has fun with guys but few ever get to experience what her luscious red lips can do to their cocks.

When Giantess Katelyn is bored, she loves to go outside. She puts on a cute bikini and goes outside to enjoy the sun. She takes her shrunken slave outside with her. She gives him a private peep show. She licks her fingers and plays with her nipples. She shows her round ass. She knows this excites her miniature slave. She gets even closer and puts her slave into her mouth. She knows that it reminds him of being in her pussy. She holds him on her tongue, in the hot and wet cavern of her mouth.

It's just a lazy day at home for miss Deeane. She actually got back from the store yesterday with many different types and colors of lipstick, and now she's kind enough to let us watch as she puts them on one after the other. She makes sure that we can see her beautiful and sharp white teeth as she gets her wet lips all sexy with cool colors, knowing that we'd love for her to eat us.

This powerful and giant girl is growing into a super sexy dominant in her own right. Today she lets us watch while she puts not one, not two, but six different kinds of lipstick on her massive and beautiful lips. She knows that we are just imagining what it will feel like when we fall deep inside her mouth and are crushed to death by her sharp and powerful white teeth.

The amazing and powerful mistress Deeane knows what you like to see from her, and she aims to please. She shows off her really big and really sharp teeth, perfectly white and great for chomping. The only thing better is her giant thick lips that are covered in lipstick and lip gloss. She knows that you love it when she takes you inside her wet mouth and grinds you with her sharp teeth.

The giant mistress Katelyn loves showing off her massive and sexy teeth. Her lipstick and lip gloss are beautiful and perfect. She loves revealing all the crevices of her sexy mouth to us and licking her lips in an erotic way. Her sharp and massive teeth are perfect for chomping down lots of different things and her wet tongue is great for licking and kissing and eating many types of objects.

When this sexy mistress walks into a room, she commands attention. She puts her smoking hot cigarette to her mouth and makes her slaves hard with lust. She blows out plumes of smoke, turning herself on. She sits and opens her long legs so they can see a glimpse of her pussy. She wraps her red lips around her cigarette and she blows. She wants her slaves to remember her sexy lips and hungry pussy wrapped in smoke.

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