Mouth Fetish Girls

Sexy female mouths

When Giantess Katelyn decides to do something, she does it well. She wants her new slaves to focus on her luscious lips and wet mouth. She puts the slaves she has shrunken onto her pink tongue and swallows them. As soon as she has her new slave's attention, she swallows the tiny men and blows kisses to him. She loves the way his eyes are following her lip gloss covered lips.

When Miss Deeane began looking for a slave, she started looking for a man that would adore her luscious lips. She loves getting up in the morning, licking her lips and reaching for her lipstick. She loves showing how wide her lips can go and how they would stretch around a hard dick. When she puts on her red lipstick, she admirers enjoy the site and pay for the pleasure of her lips near them.

When Sara Blake knows what turns her slaves on, she will use it to get what she wants. She knows her slave loves to watch her lips so when he is bad, she straps him to a chair. She sits in his face and puts lipstick on her sexy lips all day. She won't allow him to touch her lips, kiss her or look away. She knows it drives him wild and she loves it.

The gorgeous redhead Miss Deeanne has a mouth full of hot spit for you as she spits out her flowing nectar from her beautiful mouth on top of the yellow paper. As it drips forward onto her chin you imagine placing your mouth aside to lick it and then placing your hard cock inside of that sexy mouth. Become Deeane's servant as she lets you lick up her hot nectar.

This sexy brunette lets you take a good look inside of her mouth showing you her Tongue, throat, lips and white teeth. She has got you orally fixated on her beautiful mouth that is ready to suck on your hard cock. Let your cock slide all over her tongue, throat, lips and white teeth as she sucks you dry. She has such a beautiful mouth that is perfect for your cock.

Sexy brunette Giantess Jade sucks on the swirly orange and white ice pop with her thick pink lips. She sucks on the ice pop hard like she is sucking on your stiff cock. Imagine it is your hard cock in her mouth as you feel her tongue tickle, tease you, and youd feel her lips brush up against you. She puts the whole popsicle down her throat and sucks.

Giantess Daisy shows you all of her sexy parts close up as she gives you a good look at every inch of her beautiful body. First you get to admire her face by following the trace of her sexy red fingers to her eyes, nose, lips, mouth, and each ear. You then get to admire her sexy red painted toes as she curves each foot and shows it off.

This sexy Polish mistress bites you with her perfect white teeth as she clamps down on your skin leaving indentations and bite marks. Her bite is vicious as she takes a big bite out of you and leaves heavy marks on your skin. She shows off her pretty red lips as she bites you like a vampire in the night. Next she will bite your face and your cock.

Katelyn is a woman that knows what she loves and she loves to put things in her mouth. She knows that men can't get beyond her banging body and pretty face but when they see her lips, they melt. She finds a blade of grass and can't help but put it in her mouth. She loves to feel of it sliding across her tongue, tickling her lips. She loves playing with it and getting turned on by a single blade of grass.

She knows that her slave gets off on watching her. She loves that he can't look away when she is putting on her lipstick. As a reward, she buys a new tube of pink lipstick. She gets in her mirror and begins to put it on. She lines her perfect lips and applies the lipstick with an expert hand. She knows her slave is watching. She knows that his dick is hard. He just doesn't know that she has no intention of letting him find relief.

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