Mouth Fetish Girls

Sexy female mouths

Mistress Sophia has a gorgeous mouth and she likes to use it to entertain. She is an expert at giving blowjobs and this guy loved what she gave him. The mistress knew he would come back for more but this time, she used it to her advantage and she got him to do many things for her including changing her wardrobe and giving her house a makeover. Her mouth was like her ATM.

This brunette has a great mouth. She is a pretty girl in every sense of the word and she wanted to use one of her assets to dominate and humiliate. The mistress used her mouth to tease him and to get him humiliated. And after he was turned on, she cruelly changed tune and she humiliated him by threatening to bite his balls and his dick. He was shocked at how she had done a complete 180-degree change.

Mistress Jenny did not like what she had witnessed this guy doing. He had lied to her boss and she did not want to be part of the lie because she knew it would come to bite her in the ass. The mistress chose to dominate him in order to make him come clean about what had happened. The guy finally did and she managed to avoid living his lie.

When it comes to humiliating guys, this mistress is one of the best in the business. She does not like to repeat her punishments and today was no exception. She chose to use her mouth to do it. She did not touch him but she scared the shit out of him. She told him she was going to bite him and even eat him and he was scared till he peed his pants.

This mistress did not like how her slave was a rumor monger. He loved to gossip and the mistress told him that was not what she had brought him to do. She chose to use her mouth to punish him. She used her vore fetish to swallow him and to make him regret what she had done. He wished he had not messed with her as he was humiliated and in pain.

Mistress Ava did not want to waste time with this guy. She wanted him to give her some answers but he did not give her what she wanted. She was running out of time and she wanted him to give it. So she forced him to do it by using her vore fetish. The mistress crushed him into a tiny man and she placed him in her mouth and threatened to swallow him.

Lady Stefanie loves to look great. And her lips are one of the areas she never neglects at whatever cost. Today she was planning to go out on a date. She wanted this guy badly so she used her sexy lips to tease him and make him know how naughty she was. The mistress applied lip gloss and she licked and flirted with her lips and within a few minutes, she had him doing all she wanted.

Mistress Sophia was bored and since she did not have anything better to do, she chose to spend her time having fun with her mouth fetish. She had her camera at a close angle and it blew out her mouth and made her lips look bigger than they were. She had joking about how good they would be for a blowjob if they were actually that big. When she got bored, she slept.

Mistress Gabriela is a playful person and she likes to have fun all the time. Today the mistress was bored so she bought a lollipop and she used it to represent a dick that she would suck. She used it to tease this guy she saw near her house. She made him think she was into her and he took the bait. She then turned him on and left him high and dry.

Mistress Kat is blessed with a gorgeous mouth. She has sexy lips and she knows how to play with her tongue and with her mouth to make someone fall for her. She knows how to tease with her lips and her mouth. Within a few minutes, she can get someone turned on or even hypnotized depending on what she wants. This is especially so when she wants something from the person she is teasing.

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